Can Custom Orthotics Correct My Bunions?

Nov 02, 2023
Can Custom Orthotics Correct My Bunions?
Have you been told the only treatment for your bunions is surgery? While this may be true, custom orthotics can provide a number of benefits for those who don’t need, don’t want, or aren’t ready for surgery. 

There are many reasons to choose custom orthotics for your foot care. These 3D inserts can be fantastic for your comfort and support, making your tired and pained feet and ankles feel better. But they can also help manage various podiatric issues, such as bunions. 

Southwest Foot & Ankle in Scottsdale, Arizona, offers a number of treatments for everyday foot problems like bunions. Petrina C. Lewis, DPM, FACFAS, and Mark T. Lewis, DPM, FACFAS, work hard to provide our patients with safe, effective podiatric treatments.

Custom orthotics 101 

First off, what are custom orthotics? While some people might expect a whole pair of shoes that are custom-made for your feet, orthotics are actually inserts that are placed inside your shoe to support your feet while also helping manage your foot problems.

These orthotics aren’t like the kind you buy at the drugstore. Instead, they’re made for you and no one else. When you decide to get custom orthotics, our providers take scans of your feet to digitally create the perfect inserts for your needs. These inserts are then printed out with a 3D printer — all done while you wait. 

Custom orthotics are also more durable and effective than those you buy at the store. They can last for up to three years, depending on how heavily you use them. These orthotics are a great option for anyone who needs better support and foot care. 

Managing bunions with custom orthotics 

It’s important to control your expectations when it comes to treating bunions with custom orthotics. Custom orthotics aren’t a replacement for surgery. There’s no way to correct or reverse the deformity caused by bunions without surgery. 

However, surgery comes with its own risks and difficulties, such as cost, high recurrence rates, and in some cases, nerve damage. As a result, many patients would rather opt for a treatment that manages their problem over time, keeping their bunions from worsening and lessening the painful symptoms.

Properly generated orthotics can help minimize your pain as well as provide an increased range of motion to your foot. They can also significantly slow the progress of your bunion, especially when paired with the proper footwear. 

Custom orthotics won’t correct your bunions, meaning they won’t cause them to subside or reverse the damage that’s already been done. Only surgery can accomplish this. But given the benefits of what custom orthotics can do, their lower cost, and their lack of side effects, they can be a great alternative for those who prefer to manage their condition.

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Your feet will thank you when you get inserts that are perfectly tailored to your needs and also have the ability to manage your bunion condition. We’re happy to help you get the treatment you need without having to wait!

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